Harassment: Benson and his ladies (2/34)

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Today is Benson’s first day at his new job. He got hired as a cashier at the biggest bank in town. He is very happy and has great hopes for the future, he has no idea what’s awaiting him.

Collegue: The Boss is here! Stop dawdling and hurry up or we’ll get fired!

Collegue 2: This bitch is making our life too difficult!

Benson: Aie!

Abiola: Who the hell are you?!

Benson: I am really sorry madam. I am Benson, the new cashier!

Abiola: I don’t give a shit about who you are boy! Watch where you are going next time!!

Benson: !?!

Abiola: You just ruined my day! I am not finished with you!

Benson: !?!

Benson (thinking): What’s wrong with her?! Is she drunk?!

Benson’s superior: Benson, how did you manage to cross the boss’ path this morning?!

Benson: I didn’t see her coming! We hit each other! It was nothing serious!

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